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Welcome to snacking chocolate! Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified™ Ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. The perfect pairing of real, simple ingredients and dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt

Slivers of dark chocolate packed with tasty almonds. Prepare to fall in love.

Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt

Indulgent dark chocolate meets a classic salty snack. It's snacking chocolate with a twist.

Dark Chocolate Coconut with Almonds

Go tropical with our dark chocolate, toasted coconut and almonds.

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt

Delicious dark chocolate filled with pumpkin seeds. It's the best part of fall, all year long.

Dark Chocolate Blueberry with Quinoa Crunch

Our dark chocolate packed with fruit & whole grains: 3 food groups per bite.

Dark Chocolate Mint

Dark chocoalte and crunchy bits of cool peppermint collide. It's chocolate, refreshed.

Dark Chocolate Peanut with Sea Salt

Innovation that meets the classic popularity of peanuts and chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel with Sea Salt

Our dark chocolate with savory pretzel and a peppermint crunch. Your new holiday favorite.